Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing to submit an order

What is Accelerated Underwriting (AU) and Fully Underwritten?

AU is designed to underwrite with no medical requirements, which means no exam, labs, or medical records. AU clients are still subject to database checks, such as the MVR, RX Check and MIB.

Fully Underwritten requires completion of medical requirements such as exam, labs, and medical records.

Do I need to be licensed and appointed to sell life insurance before submitting an order?

You must hold a valid license to sell life insurance in the residence state.

For appointments, your team will check your appointment with the selected insurance carrier. To confirm if you are appointed, contact the Contracting Department.

Can I experiment with the system without actually submitting an order?

Yes. Refer to Demo.

Which products are available on ?

Refer to Carriers & Products list.

Submitting an order

Can I split commissions on cases?

Yes. On the agent page (last page of the order), you can enter the split commission information.

Can I submit orders for my clients with medical conditions?

Yes. Contact your agency support to determine the appropriate underwriting class before completing your order.

Can coverage be bound when I submit an order?


Can I submit an order for a replacement policy?

Yes. Replacements are acceptable for all states EXCEPT New York.

After your order is submitted

Why does the application need to be signed if an interview was completed?

Insurance applications are binding, legal documents. Clients must consent to applying to life insurance by walking through a signature process.

Is there a client guide available to explain the process?

Yes. Once the order has been placed, a step-by-step guide will be emailed to your client.

What happens during underwriting?

The carrier will review your application, run database checks, such as the Motor Vehicle Report (MVR), RX Check and MIB. Subsequent requirements may be requested, from administrative clarification to obtaining and reviewing of medical records.

Why are medical records needed and how long do they take?

Medical Records are needed due to age, face amount and/or medical impairments disclosed on the application or the exam. Dependent on the medical facility, the average turnaround time is 30 days.

Is online case status available?

Yes. Up-to-date case status is available 24/7 from your PC or mobile device. Once logged in, you can click on the case status tab.

Approval & Policy Issue

Who notifies the client of the underwriting decision?

You will receive notification from your agency support once a decision has been rendered. During this time, communication should be made to your client.

Can I update my quote after a decision?

Yes. You can run updated quotes any time, to include changes to the underwriting class, face amount and term length.

How is the policy delivered?

For carriers participating in electronic delivery, the policy will be emailed to your client.

For carriers not participating in e-delivery, a physical policy will be mailed to the agent.

There may be policy delivery and premium payment requirements to complete the case.

When is payment collected?

Premium Payment is collected at policy delivery.

How do I get paid?

Once your case is issued, delivered, and placed, commissions will be released

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