Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing to submit an order

Are applications guaranteed or simplified issue?

No. cases are fully-underwritten term life applications. The full insurance application is done over the phone and medical records are still ordered when necessary.

Do I need to be licensed to sell life insurance before submitting an order?

Yes. You must hold a valid license to sell life insurance in the soliciting state.

What is the Client Data Form and why do I need it?

The Client Data Form is a 1-page document you can use to collect all the information required to submit an order on . It can be used as a reference for times when you need to gather your client's information and don't have internet access. You do not need to send the form to us.

Why do you need my client's financial information?

Insurance carriers require this information to determine the financial suitability of the policy being applied for.

Is there any documentation that describes your process?

Yes. Please visit "How it Works" from the menu for a complete overview of the process.

Can I experiment with the system without actually submitting an order?

Yes. You can access our Order Demo which will take you through the entire order process without submitting an actual order. The demo order database is purged each night and is visible to all who access the demo, so please do not enter any private information about you or your clients in the demo order screens.

Which products are available on ?

Please visit our Carriers and Products page to see a list of participating insurance carriers and the associated product guides. Your access to certain products will be determined by various state and underwriting rules, and possibly your BGA/bank/broker dealer.

Submitting an order

Can I split commissions on cases?

Yes. You can split commissions with other licensed life producers. Before completing your order you can enter their name, phone number and e-mail address, and what split percentages to assign.

Can I submit orders for my clients with medical conditions?

Yes. Our easy-to-use risk evaluator identifies the most likely underwriting class for your healthier clients. For those clients with medical conditions you will be prompted to contact a member of our staff to determine the appropriate underwriting class before completing your order.

Is payment required to submit an order?

No payment is required to order. Payment is made at policy delivery.

Can coverage be bound when I submit an order?

No. We do not accept payment so coverage cannot be bound when you submit an order.

What is the maximum coverage available?

There is no preset limit on the coverage available through . Coverage is available within each participating carrier's normal guidelines. Our quoting process can assist you.

How do I, as the servicing agent, sign the application?

When you submit an order you must agree that you have performed the "Acts of an Agent". Checking "I Agree" and submitting your order constitutes your digital signature. This digital signature is included with the application to the insurance carrier. You are not required to physically sign the application.

Can I submit orders if I am not appointed or contracted with the insurance carrier?

Yes. Once your order is submitted our Contracting staff will check your profile to ensure proper completion of your contract and appointment with the appropriate insurance carrier. In order to prevent delays in processing your order you may also begin the contracting process online or contact our Contracting Department at 888-456-3223 x121.

Can I submit an order for a replacement policy?

Yes. Replacements are accepted and processed in all states INCLUDING New York.

After your order is submitted

What happens after my order is submitted?

handles your order from completing the application over the phone with your client to getting it placed in force. For more details please visit How Works.

How will my client's application be completed?

A tele-interviewer will contact your client to complete the full application over the phone. Once the interview is complete they will schedule the paramed exam at your client's convenience.

Why does my client have to sign an application when they have already completed a phone interview?

Many insurance carriers require that the applicant is able to review the fully completed application prior to signing it. Our electronic and traditional signature processes include this review option that cannot be completed during the tele-interview.

Is there a document for my clients to explain what they can expect after I submit an order?

Yes, the Client Step-by-Step Guide will be emailed or sent by regular mail to your client when an order is submitted, and you can download and print a copy to review.

What is the difference between the Tele-Interview and Inspection Report?

The Tele-Interview is where the full application is completed over the phone. In addition, an Inspection Report is sometimes required for applications with a certain age/face amount combination. Insurance carriers use a 3rd party vendor to verify the information on the application and exam.

Why are medical records needed if my client already did an exam?

Insurance carriers have individual guidelines that determine what conditions they will require medical records in addition to the insurance exam. This is often due to age, amount and some impairment indicated by the exam or some other information provided on the application.

Is online case status available?

Yes. Case Status is available in the main menu while you are logged in to the web site.

Can I use my current exam service to set up my client's medical exam?

No. Setting up a streamlined process requires us to handle the exam through our fulfillment partners.

How long will my case take?

This is completely dependent on your client's availability to complete the tele-interview and paramed exam. We are very optimistic that your case will be processed quickly and efficiently and will take less time than normal processes, with little effort on your part.

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