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The most efficient way to write life insurance just got better! No more stacks of papers. No more sign here, and here, and here...

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Submit an Order

Submitting a order consists of a few simple steps:

  1. Enter basic client information to obtain a quote. Our Life Insurance Needs Calculator helps you determine how much coverage your client needs.
  2. Answer health questions designed to determine your client's underwriting class and appropriate premium. In the event your client will likely not qualify for Standard or better rates you will be prompted to contact a member of our Sales Support staff, who will discuss your client's case with you to determine an appropriate underwriting class. Now you can place orders even for your clients with certain health issues.
  3. Select a desired product/carrier from among our three product types: Level Term, Value Term or Return of Premium Term. You can modify and print your quote easily. If you need to consult with your client, your in-process quote will be saved automatically so you can continue at a later time.
  4. Enter your client's signature preference, contact, policy and beneficiary information. If you're missing some required information you can save your progress and complete your order at a later time.
  5. Agree to the terms and submit your order.
    You can split commissions with up to 4 additional licensed life producers. Just enter their name, phone and e-mail address, along with the split percentages.

Visit our Order Demo to experience the full order process without submitting a real order.

2 We Run With The Ball icon

We Run with the Ball

Once your order is submitted, takes over.

  1. You receive an order confirmation via e-mail.
  2. Your client receives our Client Step-By-Step Guide via e-mail (if you provided their e-mail address) or regular mail.
  3. A tele-interviewer calls your client within 24-48 hours to complete the part 1 of the application over the phone.
  4. When the interview is finished, they will schedule the paramed exam at your client's convenience.
3 Expert Quality Control icon

Expert Quality Control

We put our vast knowledge and experience dealing with insurance forms, home offices and requirements to work for you.

  1. receives the completed, unsigned application images electronically within 24 hours after the interview is complete.
  2. Detailed quality control is performed to verify all information is complete and accurate. If there are any issues we may contact you or your client to clarify or obtain required information.
4 E-Signature icon

E-Signature for the Win!

Electronic signatures allow to process your client's application as quickly as possible. We also support traditional signatures if your client prefers.

  1. Once the application has passed our initial quality control review, we send it to your client for their e-signature via DocuSign, or via 2-day mail if they prefer to sign it traditionally (including instructions and a postage paid return envelope).
  2. Signed applications that are returned to undergo one final underwriting review. "In Good Order" applications are submitted to the insurance carrier within 24 business hours.
Learn more about our E-Signature process!
5 Case Management icon

Case Management

Our experienced Case Managers continue to monitor your client's application during the carrier's underwriting process. We will keep you informed during the entire process so that you are in control of your business.

6 Pay Officon

The Pay-Off

As with any traditional term life application, you will be paid commissions according to your appointed contract with the insurance carrier once the policy is placed In Force.

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