Vive helps you provide term life insurance in a FAST, EASY AND PROFITABLE way.

Vive does to term life what streaming did to video.

Vive is a game-changer. Every feature was designed to minimize the time and effort you invest in making sure your clients get the coverage they need and deserve. Click here to view all steps.

Access Vive through your Vive-affiliated BGA’s website.

Vive is partnered with LIBRA, one of the nation’s largest independent marketing organizations.

Access Vive

Start Your Order

Just enter your client’s information. Then, select the best carrier and product for your client’s needs from our integrated multi-carrier term life platform.

Want a hand getting started? If you prefer, ask your agency to start your order. Just contact your Vive-affiliated BGA now and ask them to run your quotes for you. They’ll start your order and send a Share-a-Quote link by text or email. You get instant access to the order for internal review, revision or finalization.

Complete Your Order

Vive’s quote engine allows you to immediately determine your client’s AU eligibility across all Vive carriers. If you submit an order for an AU policy, an interviewer will contact your client by phone in 24-48 hours. No exam, blood or medical records are required.

Our exclusive Vive Score weighs a variety of parameters above and beyond price to help you explain the relative consumer value of the products. Hover over the score with your cursor, and you’ll see an instant display of the factors that yield the score.

Upon your order submission, both you and your client will immediately receive an email confirmation.

AU List

Vive transmits your order directly to the carrier and your BGA

Another Vive exclusive: Carriers give daily status updates accessible by both you and your BGA. Thanks to that shared data, you and your agency are always on the same page with your cases.

Track your orders in Vive’s Case Status Portal

Your BGA will track every order you submit through Vive. You can also track these orders on Vive’s case status portal when you log in. Helpful status icons tell you where each case is in the new-business, underwriting and approval process. Case status alerts appear on the site and can be sent to you automatically via text or email.

SLA Steps

Underwriting Decisions, Policy Issue, and Commission Payment

Vive facilitates the fastest underwriting offers, allowing you to place policies sooner and receive commissions more quickly.

Get Paid