Go Paperless

has teamed up with DocuSign, the industry's leading provider of electronic signature services, to offer an easy-to-use electronic signature solution.

We Send the Documents

Once we have the complete but unsigned application package we put it all together into an electronic "envelope". We indicate the e-signature locations and specify your client's e-mail address.

E-mail Invitation to E-Sign

Your client receives an email and clicks on Review Documents.

E-mail invitation

Secure Access

Your client must enter their Access Code specified in the e-mail invitation in order to review and sign the secured documents.

Access Code

Consumer disclosure

Your client agrees to adopt their electronic signature and sign the documents.

Consumer disclosure

Review and sign

Your client can review the full application package before signing. We are available to answer any questions they might have. If any information is incorrect they can contact us to modify and resend the documents.

Review and sign

Create an E-Signature

Your client selects or creates their electronic signature. Then they simply click in all the right places to sign the documents using only their web browser or mobile device.

Create e-signature

That's a Wrap!

Immediately after your client signs the documents, is notified and downloads the signed application package. Your client can access and download the full package at any time.


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