Sell Term Life Insurance and Actually Make a Profit!

enables you to sell term life insurance in a fast, easy and profitable way

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Submit an Order

You complete a short order on the web site. During the input process, you can select the best carrier and product for your clients' needs from our integrated multi-carrier term life platform.

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Completion of Phone Interview

Your electronic order is immediately transmitted to the selected carrier who will contact your client within 24-48 hours to complete the full insurance application over the phone. Actual interview times may vary depending on individual circumstances. At the end of the interview, the representative will walk your client through the signature process.

3 Expert Control

Accelerated Underwriting

The carrier will determine if your client qualifies for Accelerated Underwriting (AU) based on information collected during the interview.

  • If your client qualifies, they will not need to complete an exam, labs, or have medical records reviewed.

  • If your client does not qualify, they will need to complete an exam and labs. Subsequent medical requirements such as medical records may need to be obtained by the carrier before a decision can be made.

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State-of-the-Art Technology

Our dynamic platform is designed for easy online submission to optimize speed to issue. Up-to-date case status is available 24/7 from your PC or mobile device.

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You Get Paid!

Once your case is issued, delivered, and placed, you receive your commissions.

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